Renelif Jewelry Edition

Renelif Jewelry Edition

Avologi has partnered with Swarovski to create the RENELIF Jewelry Edition.
This limited edition RENELIF consists from highest quality of Swarovski Crystals and is available for in-store purchase only.
This professional, FDA cleared anti-aging medical device provides immediate improvements with long lasting results.
Renelif Jewelry Edition is clinically tested and recommended by dermatologists as an anti-aging device. It may be used virtually on any area of the skin.
The fractional light and heat are precisely combined; resulting in stimulated collagen production, reduction in appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and with improvement in overall skin texture.
The result is improved skin texture and tone with drastically reduced wrinkles, fine lines and pore size.

See immediate improvements with long lasting results.

The key to youthfulness in the palm of your hands.

Renelif - FDA Cleared Renelif - Recommended by Dermatologist Renelif - Clinically Tested Renelif - Powered by Heat & LED Light Technology



Treatment Features

  • See results immediately after treatment
  • Good skin sensation during and after the treatment, such as tightening, warming, and skin softening
  • Wrinkle-less looking skin and improved skin texture
  • Professional results at home use
  • Long-term anti-aging benefits
  • A high end elegant hand-piece
  • No additional accessories required
  • Ease of treatment – can be performed while watching TV

What Areas Can Be Treated

This clinically tested and dermatologist recommended anti-aging device may be used virtually on any area of the facial skin, such as crow’s feet, under the eyes, cheeks etc.
Renelif is designed as a facial treatment, but it can also be used on the neck area.
Skin around the eyes can be treated with the Renelif and no safety goggles are required during treatment thanks to a unique feature with-in the Renelif allowing it to operate and emit energy only when in contact with the skin.

Before You Start

After cleansing and drying your skin, you may use the Renelif directly on the skin or you may apply a dedicated approved serum for use with the Renelif.
Apply the serum onto the entire face.

After treatment, it is recommended to apply a moisturizing cream on the treated skin areas.


  • Clean your skin with the help of a milk cleanser and skin toner.
    Dry your skin. Make sure that your skin is clean and dry before use
  • Connect the adapter plug and connect the Renelif to an electrical outlet
  • Press the power switch on the Renelif once and wait for the green light indicator to go on. The Renelif is now ready for use
  • A dedicated and approved serum may be applied to the skin before use. (the Renelif may be used directly onto clean dry skin, or with a dedicated approved serum)
  • Gently glide the Renelif with the metal part along your face, the led light will automatically turn on upon contact with your skin and the temperature will slowly increase
    Apply light, gentle pressure while slowly moving the Renelif in circular movements along your skin
  • Perform the treatment for 5 minutes on each area


Activate your warranty by registering your product within 10 days of purchase. Renelif Jewelry Edition includes a lifetime limited warranty.



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RENELIF Jewelry Edition
Average rating:  
 13 reviews
by Daniels Jaime on RENELIF Jewelry Edition

What this device did to me is worth sharing. At 50 years of age, my skin had started losing that lovely youthful look. Wrinkles and lines all over my face was annoying and unbearable. So I started going for the damn injections to correct the situation. But after I bought this prestigious product, things have completely changed. I now look a decade younger and I don’t go for the painful injections any more. The product also looks amazing to carry around thanks to its beautiful swarowsky stones.

by Robin G. on RENELIF Jewelry Edition

As a model, I had been so much disturbed by what my skin care expert called periorbital wrinkling or crow’s feet. We had tried several solutions but nothing offered significant change. A friend of mine who is also a model testified to me what a device from avologi had done to her. I visited avologi store and was attracted by the beauty of this device thanks to the prestigious Swarovski stones. I have started seeing significant improvement after 5 weeks of use. I can’t wait to see the long-term results!

by Patricia Weber on RENELIF Jewelry Edition

Congrats Renelif Jewelry Edition! This device works very well for my skin which was full of pigments. All the skin pigmentation is now gone. Beside its incredible performance, the device is also beautiful and fancy making it possible to travel around with it. Many thanks renelif!

by Lucille C. on RENELIF Jewelry Edition

The customer care is friendly and great but the product quality and magnificent look is unbeatable. I called the customer care executive with questions regarding on how to use the gorgeous device and their answers are great! This device sets itself apart from the others because of its glamorous look which attracts everyone that see it. Avologi brand is the best but Renelif Jewelry Edition is the king!

by Judy on RENELIF Jewelry Edition

Although the product had transformed the facial appearance of my sister, I was equally attracted by the beauty and elegance of this hand-piece. With diamonds decoration, this device looks more stunning compared to the other avologi devices. After using this electronic device for a few months, I can now say that this device is my hero. All the forehead lines I had before are now completely gone!

by Audrey on RENELIF Jewelry Edition

I had used several devices before I used this device from avologi but none of them is comparable to Renelif Jewelry Edition. This device gives me more motivation and I’m tempted to use it every time because of its luxurious appearance. If you want a great looking device which is incredibly easy to use, this is the product to go for.

by Leona F. on RENELIF Jewelry Edition

I usually fall in love very fast with anything that looks beautiful, elegant, and classy. Something that can attract attention and still perform best when it comes to renewal of my skin. Renelif Jewelry Edition did exactly this to me! It is perfect in appearance and perfect in performance. What’s more would I ask for? Kudos Renelif Jewelry device!

by Gwendolyn on RENELIF Jewelry Edition

We re-located from London to New York several months ago together with my family and that’s when I lost contacts with my skin care expert because I couldn’t book any more appointments altogether. That’s when I met avologi devices when researching for alternative solutions. I decided to buy Renelif Jewelry because it looked more attractive with stones than others. After a few sessions of treatment, my skin is now feeling good and relaxed. Can’t seek for appointments with skin care professionals again. I’m happy and grateful!

by Holly W. on RENELIF Jewelry Edition

The reason I rate Renelif Jewelry Edition product with a whopping five stars is how excellent it works. I started using this device 5 weeks ago and the skin around my cheeks is very beautiful. The device is also elegant,prestigious and compact. I don’t leave it behind even when going for work retreats. I can’t stop using this device.

by Ana on RENELIF Jewelry Edition

This device works great but it also looks stunning and elegant in the same measure. I cherish the attractive look which Swarovski stones gave to Renelif Jewelry Edition. When it comes to performance, this device have reduced my facial fine lines within a few weeks…I love everything about it.

by Regina Powell on RENELIF Jewelry Edition

Great looking device! With Swarovski stones, this device looks stunning and that’s why I decided to buy it although I was told that the device is similar to other renelif devices from avologi. I have been using Renelif Jewelry Edition for two months now and I am completely satisfied by its performance. The skin under my eyes now looks tighter than ever before.

by Norma Fleming on RENELIF Jewelry Edition

I desired to buy Renelif Jewelry Edition the first time I found it on the Avologi website. I went ahead and bought it from their store. This device is not only good in performance, but also fancy and beautiful to carry around. I now like traveling with it wherever I go…..Love it so much!

by Toni W. on RENELIF Jewelry Edition

I heard about this device from my sister but I was skeptical at first. I must say that I am that kind of a woman who gets attracted to beauty and elegance so fast. So, when I found how elegant and beautiful the device is, I got hooked instantly and went ahead to buy it. I’m now surprised by the performance of the device…Its only three weeks since I started using it and I can see a remarkable difference.


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